Album Editions
Editorial Design

“Album Editions,” a concept for a independent photography publisher house, was my diploma project at the Offenbach University of Art and Design. Based on the experience as co-founder, co-editor, and art director of Album, Magazin für Fotografie, I conceived and designed three books, each featuring the works of an artist working with contemporary photography. Each object explored the many possibilities of book design and used different materials and production techniques.

Album Editions — Editorial Design

Kyohei Abe: A Myriad Possibilities
17 × 21 cm
86 pp.
Japanese binding with belly band and blind embossing

David Semeniuk: Landscape Permutations
11.7 × 17.5 cm
42 pp.
Double concertina with paper-over-board hardcover, laser etching and blind embossing

Marleen Sleeuwits: The Transparency Of Appearance
20 × 26 cm
68 pp.
Swiss brochure binding, laser-cut cover with blind embossing